Client Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, answered
Can I schedule a repeat lawncare service?

For our lawn care services (or any), you can contact us at to be put on a consistent schedule with a team member. You can also email us for a free quote.

Can you fix something on my roof?

Howl Service team members are not allow to climb tall ladders or allowed to climb on a client’s roof.

Do you provide the tools for all your services?

Please note that the services listed that require tools can either be provided by our team for an additional cost or by the client at no additional costs.

Is Howl a legal business?

Yes. Howl is filed as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) with the state of Tennessee and Hamilton County. We also hold a business license.

What is a branch manager?

While the booking process will eventually be through an IOS and android app, there will still be a head person at each branch who will take bookings over the phone, handle the hiring of team members, and oversee client satisfaction.

What services does Howl offer?

Howl is an “odd job” business that offers an array of services. Our popular services include yard work, tutoring, house and pet sitting and junk removals. Feel free to email us at with any specific jobs requests or questions.

How much do you charge for each service?

We charge a base fee of $17.25/hr/person with a one hour minimum. The rate changes for services such as house or pet sitting. We also charge extra if our team provides the tools to accomplish the task. Reach out to us at with any questions concerning our rates. 

Does Howl have discounts?

Discounts will be announced through out App.

Does Howl offer gift cards?

Yes. Gifting hours is the perfect gift for friends and family. Email us at to get your virtual gift card today.

Where is Howl located?

Howl currently has one branch that is located atop Lookout Mountain in Tennessee that serves Lookout and the surrounding Chattanooga area. Three new branches will launch in the fall of 2021 in Birmingham, Al. These branches include Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, and Homewood. 

How can I start a branch in my city?

We are always looking for new places to expand our services and would love to serve you and your city! Reach out to us at if you are interested in running a branch in your city.

How can I book a task?

Eventually, all bookings will take place through our IOS and Android app completely. For now, you can book by contacting Ash Perry via phone or text at 423-414-1321 or email us at to begin the booking process. While it is not our preferred contact method, we also reach out via our social media platforms.

Does Howl have social media accounts?

Yes. Our instagram and Facebook handle is @howlservicesllc and our Twitter is @HowlLlc.

Does Howl have an app?

Eventually! Our app will finish development in the fall of 2021. For now, all necessary information can be found on our website.

What is Howl? What is the story behind the business?

Howl Services was founded and launched by current sophomore at Samford University, Ash Perry on Lookout Mountain outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee in March of 2020. Howl is a job search and request platform that finds local available students and connects them with locals needing specific services completed. Ash saw a need for a platform where students could connect with zero commitment, have a job, and be paid well. Despite the global outbreak of COVID-19 two weeks after launch, Howl continues to grow and remains serving the Lookout Mountain community with plans of expansion. Even though “odd job” businesses are not a new concept, Ash plans to grow with exceptional customer service.

What payment methods are available? What about tips?

While the app is still in development, we will accept cash, check or Venmo. All checks should be made out to Howl Services, and all payments can be made through Venmo to @Ash-Perry-1. Please note that if you pay via check or cash, our team will deliver it to us and we will pay our team directly. If you so choose to tip, you can pay cash directly to the team member or include it in the check or Venmo and we will get it to them. Once the app is finished, all payments will be through the app and we will only accept payment via card.

Do clients normally tip? Is it expected?

Our team is taught to never expect a tip, but it is highly encouraged for great work. Tips can be paid directly to the team member via cash or included in a check that will be given to them directly. If you pay via Venmo, we will also make sure it is given directly to the appropriate team member.

How did Howl receive its name?

When Ash founded Howl, he wanted the name to connect back to the original branch on Lookout Mountain in some way. Lookout Mountain is divided into three states; Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. The Georgia side of the mountain is called “Fairyland” and the surrounding streets are named after fairy tales. The icon or logo for this part of the mountain is a wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf made Ash think of his future clients “howling” for help and he thought that was a fun and catchy way to relate it back to Lookout.

How can I get in contact with Howl?

You can contact Howl with comments, questions, and concerns at