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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain
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What is a team member?

A team member is an independent contractor of Howl Services that fulfills our service requests, and is usually a high school or college student.

What are the requirements for being a team member? Is it difficult to join the team?

It is not difficult to join our team in the sense that our application is not confusing, but it is highly selective. We ask that you are old enough to transport yourself to all jobs, are able to download and use our IOS or Android app (coming soon), and have appropriate experience in the services you would like to work. Read more under the question, “What does the application process look like?”.

What does the application process look like?

Our application is highly selective. To begin the process, apply through our website by filling out the job application form. Please only apply if you are old enough to drive, have access to a phone with either the apple or android app store, and have job experience in the services you would like to work. After you complete the initial application, your local branch manager will reach out with your next steps. These next steps could include a virtual or in person interview, background check, and the request of references and job experience. If approved, you will then be asked to join our team via our IOS and Android app and given appropriate instructions. If our app has not been launched, you will take jobs through GroupMe which will be explained by your local branch manager. Please note that being recommended by a current team member does advance the application process.

Will it cost me anything to become a team member?

There is a small fee to cover your required team member shirt you must wear to every job. This fee will also pay for a background check. Financial issues will not keep you from joining our team. Let us know if this will be an issue.

Is there a team member “handbook” with all the protocol?

Yes. If you are accepted to join our team, we will send and go over our handbook which covers all of our work protocol.

How long is the complete application process from start to finish?

It could take anywhere from 1-7 business days before you are hired after submitting the initial application. However, your local branch manager should respond to your initial submission of the job application form in 1-2 business days if not sooner.

When does Howl hire new team members?

We accept new team members on a rolling basis. Our application remains open 24/7/365. We encourage anyone to apply who is old enough to drive, has access to either the Apple or Android app store so they can download our app in the future, and feels as though they have the appropriate job experience with the services they want to work.

How much will I be paid if I work for Howl?

Howl pays our team members $13-15/hr with a one hour minimum and pays extra to our team if they provide their own tools needed to complete the task.

As a team member or branch manager, do I file and pay taxes?

Yes. All team members and branch managers (who are considered independent contractors) will be in charge of filing and paying their own taxes. In most states, if you make more than $600 per year, you will be required to file and pay federal taxes. Our team files all yearly taxes by January 31, and you will be notified by our team if you must file and pay them. The federal deadline to file and pay these taxes can be found on the official website of the IRS. When the time comes, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions on this process. 

As a team member, do I have to purchase and carry any license or insurance to work for Howl.

No. Howl holds both a workers compensation and general liability insurance plans. Every team member is automatically covered by these plans by working for us.

Is Howl a legal business?

Yes. Howl is filed as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) with the state of Tennessee and Hamilton County. We also hold a business license.

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