Giving Back

In an effort to concentrate revenue and support, Ash has decided that the 2021 partner will be Downside Up, Inc.located in Chattanooga, TN and founded by Theresa Nix. Downside Up, inc. will be supported by all current branches of Howl Services. Ash decided to partner with Downside Up in an effort to give young adults with a disability the opportunity to work and have transportation to it. Parents of children with disabilities are overworked taking care of their children and most of them have jobs. In an effort to relieve stress from parents and allow independence for young adults with disabilities, Howl Services will provide rideshare services at a discounted and free rate. Downside Up also has an indoor playground where children with disabilities can hang out and participate in camps. This playground is called Training Wheels and they are always in need of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, click here. We are so excited for this partnership and that two fellow CEOs and alumni from Chattanooga Christian School, Ash Perry and Theresa Nix, are working together to better the community around us.

To donate directly to Downside Up visit their site below.

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